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So you can say it has been an interesting ride for MYB so far in his music career. An idea which was created on the golden sands of Ibiza to being played by BBC Introducing and being labelled a really exciting up and coming dance act, MYB incapsulates your imagination, a project born from the homeland itself. 

MYB means" Move your body"a definition which you cannot deny, the music is underground, minimal but very melodic and infectious.As Abbie McCarthy said from BBC introducing Kent "Its like being in a warehouse at 3 in the morning",The main inspiration behind the vibe is from artists like Deadmau5, Benga, Skrillex and Dj EZ. 

The man behind the idea is Ash Indica, he is a hip hop rapper and producer who has worked on mixtapes with Akon and Maybach music in the past. After leaving that sound behind in 2016, Ash wanted to pursue a new sound and idea but under a different artist name, not to confuse his loyal fanbase of hip hop fans. You can say that MYB came along by accident, it wasn't planned at all it was an incident which happened during a set in Ibiza which set the wheels in motion to where we he is today. 

The story starts in back in early 2016, Ash was really disillusioned with the way his life was panning out, he was stuck in day job which was unrewarding and since his early success in 2013 his music career dipped to such a rate that he didn't release any music for at least 2 years, he was frustrated to say the least, all of the early work and promise which was given to him before slowly seemed like a different life time ago. He then made the decision to move to Ibiza, this was a place that felt like a second home, a place where he felt he could rekindle the love for his craft. Ash and his manager Dj Benji visited the island annually in his younger years to play a residency at Soul City, Ibiza. After having the privilege to do this regularly, Ash wanted to make this his main ambition in life and relocated there in May 2016. 

When he arrived he quickly tried to secure a residency to last him through the summer as he planned to stay the whole season. Ash hosted shows regularly on the strip at the likes of Faces and Soul City but this wasn't paying the bills. Ash got a trial to play at a big bar on beach and was offered the position of the main Dj if the trail went well. The set started well and the small crowd at the time were feeling the music that he was playing, all of a sudden there was a massive screeching noise, the decks and equipment that he brought with him broke in the middle of the set. After 5 mins of trying to fix it the bar manager approached him and told him embarrassingly to leave and that "he was to unexperienced", upset and angry at the situation Ash made his way down to beach, determined not to let it ruin his trip he opened his laptop and started making a song. This was different though, it was at a different bpm, it was different sound. After becoming fed up with the set backs and expensive nature of the island, Ash set sail on a ferry to Barcelona. During the 8 hour ride he finished this new song. Impressed with what he heard, he continued to make similar tracks and this was when the idea of MYB was created.  After a soul searching trip round Europe Ash ended up in Alps, whilst sitting up a mountain then decided this was the direction that he wanted to go with his music, he returned back to maidstone with a new outlook and drive and his new amazing album entitled MYB is now out on all commercial platforms.

And The Story Continues..........


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